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Sermon Series on the Home: 

 October 1 (Colossians 3) FANTASTIC famiLIES by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 October 8 (1st Corinthians 7) A SEAson OF SINGLEness by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 October 22 (Revelation 3) A Tale of 2 Cities' Churches by Chris Robbins (LOW DATA VERSION)

 October 29 (Genesis 25-26) mIraculous marriAGE by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 November 5 (Psalm 127-128) DEdecAteD DADs by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 November 19 (Proverbs 31) monuMENTAL MOMs by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 November 26 (Psalm 103) GOdly grANDpaRENTs by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

 December 3 (Luke 2:21-52) cHEeRful CHILDrenby Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)


April 22 (2nd Samuel 22) Preparing for Personal Disaster by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION

April 29 (Lamentations 3) 3 Anchors for Stormy Day by John Mitchell (LOW DATA VERSION)

May 6 (Hebrews 13) Living on Love by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)

May 13 (1st Kings 19) Kill the Cows by Dave Talley (LOW DATA VERSION)


Series: The Rules of the Road (The 10 Commandments)

 May 20 (Deut. 5) The Highway to Heaven (Commandments 1-4) by D. Talley (LDV)

 May 27 (Exodus 20) Livin' on a Dirt Road (Commandments 5 & 7) by D. Talley (LDV)

 June 3 (Matthew 5) The Streets in Your Neighborhood (Commandments 6, 8 & 9) by D. Talley (LDV)

 June 10 (Romans 7) That Lonesome Road (Commandment 10) by D. Talley (LDV)

 June 17 (James 1-2) Off Road with Dad (The Law of Liberty) by D. Talley (LDV)


 Series: Great G.R.A.C.E. (the purpose of the church) from Acts 4

  June 24 - Genuine Worship by Dave Talley (LDV

  July 1 - Reaching Out (Discipleship) by Dave Talley (LDV)

  July 8 - Authentic Fellowship by Dave Talley (LDV)

  July 15 - Conected Service by Dave Talley (LDV)

  July 22 - Evangelistic Boldness by Dave Talley (LDV)


 Series: Marriage, God's 1st Institution

  July 29 - Ring Those Wedding Bells by Dave Talley from Genesis 2 (LDV)

  August 5 - Burnt Biscuits & Sinus Headaches by Dave Talley from Genesis 3 (LDV)

  August 12 - Do You Know What Your Son Just Did by Dave Talley from Genesis 4 (LDV)


Series: Controversial Issues

  August 26 - Why This One? by D. Talley from Nehemiah 8 (LDV)

  Sept. 2 - Why This Way? by D. Talley from Mattew ? (LDV)

  Sept. 9 - Why This Song? by D. Talley from ? (LDV)


Sept. 16, 2018 - The Value of Biblical Literacy by D. Talley from 1st Corin. 10 (LDV)  




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