“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ…” (Romans 1:16) March 28, 2020


The following are sites that you might find helpful: (just click on the underlined link)

HELP for addicts: www.reformu.com

Listen to sermons online as: SermonAudio.com - faith cometh by hearing

Listen to good christian radio online at: Rejoice Radio

Purchase Christian Music at: CenterPoint Official Website 

Study online at: Blue Letter Bible

Listen to Bible read to you online as: Audio Bible Online

Purchase good materials at: Striving Together Publications
or at: Fountain of Life Ministries - Lulu.com

Our former children's program: Kids 4 Truth | Home

Listen to good stories for children at: Whit's End

We are involved in the Delmarva Baptist Fellowship: Home Page 

Why Baptism: Why Baptism

What is a Fundamentalist, historically (not according to the media):
 The Fundamentals: A Testimony to the Truth 

Order Christian Books and Bibles at:
Christianbook.com - Shop for Christian Books, Bibles

Other worthwhile sites:

Focus on the Family With Dr. James Dobson


SRN News

Baptist World Mission - Planting Churches Worldwide

Pensacola Christian College

Quality Speech Materials

Shepherds Ministries | Compassionate Christian Care for the Mentally Disabled

P.D. Cherian is our missionary in India with:
International Partnership Ministries, Inc.

Calvary Baptist Church

Music by: Pastor Talley